I thank my sons Cai and Joni, who constantly helped with renovations, removed several square meters of wallpaper, spackled walls and moved furniture.
I thank my mother, who donated so many wonderful antique furniture and accessories and always believed in me.
I thank my girlfriend Claudia, who has been to the fleamarkets almost every Sunday since 2004, moved, sanded, painted and assembled an endless amount of furniture with me and supported me with every new apartment, despite any concerns.
I thank my brother Wolf, who spent several weekends with taking over unloved activities, like installing kitchen cabinets, hooks, curtain rods or base boards.
I thank my girlfriend Angela, who actively supports me since 2001, moved a great number of furniture with me, cleaned apartments and has prevented several small catastrophies with her spontaneous helpfulness.
I thank my girlfriend Nora, who takes over and runs the show when I'm on vacation.
I thank my cleaning fairies Min, Christiane, Steffi, Vanessa and Wait and the former ones Claudia W., Gisel and Alicja for their great and spontaneous support, even if things don't go as planned.
I thank Gerhard, Carsten, Cornelia and Katja for their handy and artistic competence.
And I thank Vanessa, who implemented and designed this website and spent several evenings to develop and execute ideas, even while busy writing her Bachelor Thesis.

Without you, Gästeträume would not be what it is.

And I thank all guests, who capture their enthusiasm in the guestbooks, write kind post cards or e-mails and/or recommend Gästeträume to their friends and family.